Lessons from Autism Spectrum Disorders – Early Identification of Autism, Mirror Neurons (CARTA videos)

Autism Spectrum Disorders.jpg

CARTA (Center for Research and Anthropogeny) has a great collection of videos from their 10/5/12 symposium: Human Origins – Lessons from Autism Spectrum Disorders. The symposium featured Daniel Geschwind, Eric Courchesne, Andrew Meltzoff, Simon Baron-Cohen, and Bernard Crespi.

The hour-long video I’ve embedded features Karen Pierce (“The Early Identification of Autism: Examinations of Brain and Behavior”), Mirella Dapretto (“Mirroring in the Neurotypical and Autistic Brain”), and V. S. Ramachandran (“Mirror Neuron Dysfunction in Neurology”).

Since the extent to which mirror neurons are implicated in autism is subject to debate, here is a link to a recent review (“The functional role of the parieto-frontal mirror circuit: Interpretations and misinterpretations”) by Rizzolatti et al. for additional perspective.

Human Origins: Lessons from Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Constance A. Cummings, PhD, is Project Director of the non-profit Foundation for Psychocultural Research, which supports and advances interdisciplinary research and scholarship at the intersection of brain, mind, culture, and mental health and illness. She is co-editor (with Carol Worthman, Paul Plotsky, and Dan Schechter) of Formative Experiences: The Interaction of Caregiving, Culture, and Developmental Psychobiology (Cambridge University Press, 2010) and (with Laurence Kirmayer and Rob Lemelson) the forthcoming Re-Visioning Psychiatry: Cultural Phenomenology, Critical Neuroscience, and Global Mental Health (Cambridge, 2015). She received her doctorate in theoretical linguistics from New York University.

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