FE Co-Editor and Swiss Colleagues Awarded Grant on Synaptic Bases of Psychiatric Disorders

We are very pleased to announce that child psychiatrist Daniel Schechter, co-editor of our recent volume Formative Experiences, is one of a group of principal investigators (PI) in Geneva, Switzerland, whose research will benefit from the largest Swiss National Science Foundation biomedical center grant ever awarded. The inter-institutional center is focusing on the Synaptic Bases of Psychiatric Disorders.

Dan is PI of the Infancy and Early Childhood Stress and Development Lab at the University of Geneva Hospitals and Faculty of Medicine, which is studying the impact of maternal interpersonal violence (IPV)-related traumatic stress on the mother-child relationship during formative development of emotional regulation in the following domains (with attention to phenotypes that cut across these domains): psychological, behavioral, physiologic, and maternal neural activation.

The project also aims via a longitudinal design over 2–3 years to identify predictors related to children’s development of a greater tendency toward aggressive versus avoidance/withdrawal behavior by examining individual differences in the following domains: psychological, behavioral, physiologic, genetic/epigenetic.

Dan’s project is part of a 4-year, CHF 17.5 million (US$ 10 million) National Centre of Competence for Research (NCCR) grant awarded to the Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL) and the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne (Pierre Magistretti, EPFL, is the Center’s Director). The Swiss federal government has been supporting NCCR research networks since 2000. The program places particular emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches and new, innovative angles within the individual disciplines.

Link to the Swiss government press release:


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About Constance A. Cummings

Constance A. Cummings, PhD, is Project Director of the non-profit Foundation for Psychocultural Research, which supports and advances interdisciplinary research and scholarship at the intersection of brain, mind, culture, and mental health and illness. She is co-editor (with Carol Worthman, Paul Plotsky, and Dan Schechter) of Formative Experiences: The Interaction of Caregiving, Culture, and Developmental Psychobiology (Cambridge University Press, 2010) and (with Laurence Kirmayer and Rob Lemelson) the forthcoming Re-Visioning Psychiatry: Cultural Phenomenology, Critical Neuroscience, and Global Mental Health (Cambridge, 2015). She received her doctorate in theoretical linguistics from New York University.

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