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October 19–20, 2012 Next FPR-UCLA Interdisciplinary Conference on Culture, Mind, and Brain: Emerging Concepts, Methods, and Applications

See also the following culture, neuroscience, and psychiatry conferences scheduled for 2012–2013:

August 2–6, 2013 International Society for Research on Emotion, Berkeley, Calif.

March 7–9, 2013 American Psychopathological Association Annual Meeting, New York City.

Dec 2–6, 2012 American College of Neuropsychopharmacology Annual Meeting, Hollywood, Florida

Nov 14–18, 2012 AAA Annual Meeting (“Borders and Crossings“), San Francisco

Oct 13–17, 2012 SFN, New Orleans

Oct 11–12, 2012 Society for Social Neuroscience, New Orleans

Oct 11, 2012 International Neuroethics Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans.

Oct 10–13, 2012 International Society for Developmental Psychobiology, New Orleans.

September 25, 2012 Allen Institute Annual Symposium, New York City

Sept 13–15, 2012 NeuroCultures – NeuroGenderings II, Vienna Austria.

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